Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

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I think your big day should reflect your tastes and personality right down to the last detail. That’s where my custom Bride and Groom Cake Toppers come in. I am an artist working in polymer clay and can fashion unique custom cake toppers for your wedding.

There are of course different types of topper you can choose from. Sitting Bride and Groom TopperYou could pick a standard resin topper, but that’s not going to say as much about you as a custom made topper created to your own brief.  Go the custom route with Tams Gifts and you can play it safe, go wild, have fun or a laugh, pay tribute to pets or your children. In my experience every couple brings some fantastic ideas to the table. All I do is fill in the detail and bring your ideas to life.

It’s true that some couples like the idea of edible toppers. But when they are gone, they’re gone. In contrast my polymer clay toppers last indefinitely, making them the perfect keepsake from your big day.  And rather than keep them locked away, they can easily be displayed.

No request is too outlandish when it comes to my custom Bride and Groom cake toppers.  Some clients also take the opportunity to add props to their toppers. I’ve had requests to make golf clubs, skis, cars and even a yacht.  The only limit is your creative thinking!

I can also add family members to toppers.  Some couples choose to include their children. Others insist their cake topper is incomplete without their pets whether they have cats, dogs or reptiles. The choice is yours.

Football wedding cake topperAs I suggested above, some couples like to have a laugh with their toppers.  Perhaps has he always got his phone in his hand? Well, you may have banned it from the wedding day but adding it in his hand on his topper will make everyone laugh.  Or perhaps he’s never far from his laptop or his football buddies?  Your custom cake topper is your opportunity to have the last laugh…if you choose to.

The main point I am trying to make is that you shouldn’t feel restricted. Contact me to discuss design ideas. All my toppers are fully handmade and I can capture intricate detail that resin toppers can’t match. I don’t use moulds and colours can be created to match your wedding outfits or even a football strip. Whatever you fancy.

My toppers are usually 4-5 inches high, unless otherwise requested. And don’t forget they are made from non-toxic polymer clay so are completely safe to add to your wedding cake.

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  • hello, I get married on the 20th july this yr 10 wks,i came across your fab wedste and now no not to look any further, I,m not sure what details you need from just yet so lease may you contat me back with whay to do and a rough cost. many thanks Jaime

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