Birthday Cake Toppers

A birthday is just the occasion to celebrate with a special cake. You don’t even need to have a party.  It’s the cake that counts.  You can make it extra special with a personalised birthday cake topper. Whether you’re looking for a cake topper for a child’s birthday or your spouse I can help you create a memorable and long lasting cake topper.

My polymer clay birthday toppers are all about expressing personality. Personalised Birthday Cake Topper Because they are made from non-toxic polymer clay they are long lasting and make the perfect keepsake. Whether you have a pony mad daughter in mind, or a rugby playing husband, I can design something to suit.

Many clients decide to use their birthday toppers as ornamenst so my bespoke toppers have a life beyond a birthdays. The first pieces I made five years ago are still going strong!

The figures I create are about 4-5 inches tall, and props can be added. I’ve designed birthday cake toppers for a wide range of individuals. Their birthday cake toppers either express their job, hobbies or another aspect of their personalities: golfers, hunters, vets…you name it, I’ve designed it.

Everything I make is created by hand from scratch. I don’t use moulds so every topper is guaranteed to be unique. It’s your opportunity to be creative. As a polymer clay artist I am able to translate your ideas into detailed figures and props in colours of your choosing.  I can design pets, vehicles, properties..just about anything. You can even send me photos although I don’t create ‘photo like’ pieces but they may help clarify your ideas. I promise I will do my level best to bring your ideas to life.

And please don’t forget, just because you don’t see anything on my site that quite fits the bill, doesn’t mean I can’t make it. Because all my pieces are bespoke I ask you allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. If you need your toppers more quickly then please email me to check my availability.